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Home of the original performance carbs with our custom made and contoured divider plate for that all around ride-abity and performance.
NEW! RB modified PWK short body 38mm carb bored to 39mm,
divider plate and circuit mods. $350.00

Also replaces the hard to tune Mikuni 38mm TMXX carb's.
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I have gone into a semi-retirement, but still doing new carb mods and some head mod for the KDX 220's and some machine work on a little slower pace....
NEW! RB modified Yamaha RZ 350 carbs (one set only)

These are a set of high-preformance RZ newly rebuilt carbs that are oval bored to 27mm X 29mm then taper bored to 30mm, jetted, single pull throttle cable. These carbs are extremely streetable and makes your RZ rip!  $200.00
NEW! RB special modified Mikuni 24mm flat-slide TM carb designed for smaller engines like the KTM 65's and other mini's.

This carb is bored to 26mm and divider-plate installed, slide mod, modified air-horn, low speed circuitry mods and custom air mixture screw and driver to make tuning easier. A great high performance carb for MX racing, etc..... $225.00
BRAND NEW MIKUNI 28 MM Flat Slide Carbs
$100.00 ea. while they last