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KDX/KX Stem Swap Mods
This service includes; We press out the KX and KDX stems and then do the necessary machining on the stem. Early KDX stems need to be knurled to fit the KX T-clamp and the later years need a little machining in the bearing area so the bearing will go all the way down and seat on the T-clamp.

We also supply the necessary steering stem spacer/bushing for the upper T-clamp to complete the swap over. Also, if you supply a new bearing, we will install it for you.

Send only the KDX and KX lower T-clamps (do not send the uppers). Please remove all pinch bolts and hardware and please remove grease from both the KDX and KX bearings.

$110.00 = Complete Stem Swap set-up Includes return shipping (USA)
$    45.00 = Steering stem spacer/bushing only (plus $8.00 shipping USA)
Axle Kit: KDX front Wheel to fit: 1999 ~ 2003 KX 2 Stroke Front Forks only
This Axle Mod Kit will allow you to use your stock KDX wheel assembly and Speedo-drive on 1999~2003 KX 125 & 250 2-stroke front forks only and will not work on the 4-stroke front forks. We modify your stock KDX axle and supply a special axle nut, new wheel spacer.

$105.00 = KDX Axle Mod Kit; 1999~2003 KX 2-stroke front forks (USA)

$  18.00 = Shipping when shipped separately (USA)
Please feel free to contact us for more information