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Yamaha RD performance!
We offer a wider range of precision machine shop services for your maintenance and restoration needs. Our services include; crankshaft rebuilding, precision cylinder boring, high performance head and carb modifications, O-ring Head Gasket conversions and Cylinder to Head alignment.
RD O-ring Head Gasket Conversion and Cylinder to Head Alignment Mods
This mod is a must for tight squish band clearances & high performance engine builds. The stock RD's lack any type of proper head to cylinder alignment which is very sloppy and does not allow a precise alignment of the combustion chamber to the center of the bore.
Above is how we do the alignment on the RD 250, RD 350, RD 400's and Daytona's. The head and cylinder are precision drilled and reamed for hardened dowel pins giving a perfect alignment. This must be done with the head modification at the same time.
$170.00 = Head Mod; Daytona 400, surface head and squish band, cc head. Includes cutting head in half (required) Dowel pinning highly recommended.
$140.00 = Head Mod; RD-250, 350 and RD- 400, surface head and squish band, cc head.
$  60.00 = O-ring Mod; RD-250, 350 and RD-400 and Daytona 400 (includes o-rings).
$  50.00 = Dowel Pinning; RD 250, RD 350, RD-400, Daytona heads and cylinders (includes dowel pins).
NOTE: Walk-in service only we do not ship these parts.
$150.00 = Precision crankshaft rebuilding Labor plus parts
$45.00 = Precision Cylinder Boring and Honing Per hole
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