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Yamaha Twin Head Modifications
Banshee and RZ Head Mod = Discontinued, we no longer do these mods
RD 350, RD 400 Head Mod = $140.00
Daytona 400 Head Mod = $170.00
Head mod includes; Mill deck surface and re-cut and set squish band and volume cc
Payment and Shipping Instructions
Please feel free to contact us for more information
Head Mod Requirements

When sending your head, make sure it is very clean and coolant free. Please remove the water spout on the top of the head (if it uses a removable one) and remove any alignment pins that may have stuck in the head. The head must be totally stock with no other mods, or blow-up damage, or detonation damage.

ALL heads need to have a Squish Band Clearance Test done and at least 3 test solders supplied with the head to be modified.