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New Replacement Carbs with our Mods
These carbs are to replace worn out carbs and come with our great KDX 200-220 Mods
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Both of these carbs come with all of the mods we do for the KDX 200-220's. The carb on the left is a OEM style and the one on the right is a Quad Vent Air Striker. They both give excellent performance and are pretty equal. The Air Striker is a little better in rough riding and jumps. The OEM is almost equal with a slightly better top end. Either choice will make your bike rip!

Note, you will need to use your stock KDX cap with the curved cable adjuster off your stock carb.
KDX 200-220 Replacement
Carb with Mods
OEM Style Carb
$340.00 Plus Shipping
Air Striker Carb
$360.00 Plus Shipping
Return Shipping and Handling and Insured = $18.00