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Carb Mods
$155.00 = Bore carb to 39 mm, Install our Divider-Plate, circuitry mods and slide mod 
$145.00 = Bore carb to 39 mm, Install our Divider-Plate, circuitry mods (no slide mod)
$140.00 = Install our Divider-Plate (no bore), circuitry mods and slide mod
$  16.00 = Slide Mod only

$ 18.00 = Return shipping and handling and insurance in USA
Our Recommended mods are:
ACCESSORIES for your carb mod
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You will experience better throttle control and feel throughout the RPM range with "great low end responce" and more power. Jetting and fine tuning is a breeze with our Divider-Plate, Bore and circuitry mods with more over all power, making your carb tuning eaiser and more predictable.
Please Note! This is not a carb cleaning service. Please remove all hoses (do not send). Make sure the carb is clean with no dirt and it is gas free.