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KTM Carb Mods
You will experience better throttle control and feel throughout the RPM range with "great low end responce" and more power. Jetting and fine tuning is a breeze with our Divider-Plate, Bore and circuitry mods with more over all power, making your carb tuning eaiser and more predictable.
Our Recommended mods are:
$155.00 = Bore 38 mm carb to 39 mm, Install our Divider-Plate, circuitry mods and slide mod 
$145.00 = Bore 38 mm carb to 39 mm, Install our Divider-Plate, circuitry mods (no slide mod)
$125.00 = Install our Divider-Plate (no bore), Std. body carbs only not short body carbs &  not recommended
$  16.00 = Slide Mod only
NOTE: All 36 mm Short Body AS II carbs need additional work so you need to add $35.00

$ 18.00 = Return shipping and handling and insurance in USA
Payment and Shipping Instructions
Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.
ACCESSORIES for your carb mod
Requirements on getting your carb mod done by RB Designs;

First and foremost, this is not a carb cleaning service! We do not clean carbs or fix problem or damaged carbs. These are performance enhancements done only to great condition and spotlessly clean carbs without problems or issues.

Before sending your carb to us, you must take it apart and inspect it for water contamination, corrosion or old stale gas and green or yellowish residue. Even if it appears to be in clean condition, you still need to give it a good cleaning inside and out and make sure it is totally gas free.

Also when you have the carb apart you need to inspect the float pin fit where it goes through the two pivot towers on the main carb body and make sure there is no slop in the fit. And make sure there is no plating coming off the slide. Slop or ware in either one of the areas could mean the carb is not suitable for modification. You will need to remove all hoses (do not send). You need to send the slide and needle assembly with your carb.

If your carb is more than a year old it is probably going to need a custom made jet block gasket and rubber parts that run $25.00.

If cleaning is not in your comfort zone, you should take it to a reliable shop and have them clean it for you. (We will not work on dirty or worn out carbs!).

Please note; these carb mods do require some good mechanical skills and fine tuning experience….