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The Original RB carb mod!
This modification is a great enhancement to both power and ride-ability!
Our carb mod for the KDX 200 and 220 has proven it self for well over a decade now to be a winner! It will give you a great deal more throttle control and response and useable power throughout the entire RPM range with more low end torque and more top end power. This modification will allow you to easily fine tune your engine for whatever your riding needs are.

Your carb will come back to you pre-jetted and ready to go right out of the box. We do our best to get the jetting very close to your riding needs and supply optional jets for fine tuning for different riding conditions. Our mods really bring the mixture screw into play, fine tuning for different or changing weather conditions or different altitudes can be as simple as a small tweak with the mixture screw.

Our carb mod works best with the air box lid removed, aftermarket pipe and maybe some aftermarket reeds like the inexpensive Boyesen 607's. Note: the 220's lack compression and really respond much better with a head mod too.
These are the mods performed to your carb:

Bore Carb to 36 mm (gives you more mid range and top end)
Install Divider-Plate (gives that great low end response and throttle feel)
Modify Slide (don't forget to send your slide and needle assembly)
Install New Needle (gives the carb its personality)
Modify Jet Block (helps with preformance)
Modify Low Speed Circuitry (this and the other mods really bring the mixture screw into play. With very small adjustments you can make big changes to the low speed allowing you to keep running clean and crisp with changing altitudes and weather conditions during a ride.
Please Note! This is not a carb cleaning service. Please remove all hoses (do not send). Make sure the carb is clean with no dirt and it is gas free.
Do to the age of your carb it will more than likely need some rubber replacement parts that run $20.00. You might want to include this amount and if it is not needed we refund your money. 
$175.00 = Carb Mod  (includes return shipping and handling in USA)
ACCESSORIES for your carb mod 
Payment and Shipping Instructions
Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.
NEW Modified replacement carbs for your KDX 200-220